venerdì 28 ottobre 2011

some more beautiful pages with my kits!

here I am again my friends!!!!

First of all I must thank you all for your wonderful comments, encouragement and nice words, yesterday was the very fist "happy day" I had in months and this is just because of you...

A special thanks goes to Marzenka (Sussiem) that made me some of the most beautiful compliments I could dream of... and my designer friends as Emeto, Delph, Feli and Kimla... but there would be so many friends to talk about that I cannot even think of making a list of them... thank you all!

now let me remind you that on sunday there will be two lucky winners: one for each of my kits among those who stared follow my blog as designer blog as designer!

and here there are some more gorgeous pages from my gallery @ DEVIANTSCRAP

and here you have the wonderful pages from my darling darling friends!


by eagleszem

by Lorenza

by Feli

by mummyd

you can buy the kit HERE!


by mummyd

by Joanne

you can buy the kit HERE!

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