lunedì 28 febbraio 2011

wings of hope 7th heaven charity collab

From 03/02 @ 7th heavend Designs shop****charity collab Wings of Hope****

All proceedes from Wings of Hope will be devolved to Heather.
If you don't know her story, please take a minute to read it:

We all dream of building our own nest. We're looking for a house where our family will feel safe. We're doing everything we can to know that we have a place to come home to.

What if in a single moment all this would turn to dust? What happened to Heather Manning really saddens us. When we learned that her house burned down and she and her family have lost everything to the fire, our sadness was indescribable. In an instant you're trying to picture yourself in this situation and your heart aches, because you can't imagine this kind of loss. Especially when you're a mother yourself, trying to build this nest for your loved ones.

This is why we're here asking you for help. We have prepared our first 7th Heaven collab to support Heather and would like to ask you to join us in our efforts. As you may know, Heather was an important part of DST and is close to all of us, so we would like to ask you to show your love for her.

All proceeds from the Wings of Hope kit will go to Heather and her family. We hope you can be a part of this project and that you will help us help Heather.

Heather's blog:

my page


un nuovo meraviglioso kit di MelDesigns



la mia pagina con una foto di Elettra scattata da Laredo Montoneri

giovedì 24 febbraio 2011

soft spring rain by Marta Designs

new gorgeous kit by Marta Design's "soft spring rain" @ AfterFiveDesigns!

my page... a RAK for the incredibly beautiful Sophia, Natalka's DD

mercoledì 23 febbraio 2011

collab betweet Lilas and Cali Designs

Leaf Me Collab Cali Designs & Lilas called LEAF ME @ digiscrapmania

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another wonderful kit "PAINTED HYDRANGEAS" by Seni Designs @ 7th heaven!

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martedì 22 febbraio 2011

kit window to my heart by Lorie Davison

eh si... io sono sempre più innamorata di questa designer, non ho mai visto nulla di simile ed ecco le pagine che ho creato col suo meraviglioso WINDOW TO MY HEART, che trovate su scrapbookgraphics...

I'm so deeply in love with this designer... I had never seen anything so beautiful! here you have the pages I made with her wonderful WINDOW TO MY HEART, that you can find @ scrapbookgraphics...

my pages

Title: Part time cupid

Title: parfuming a love letter

Title: sending valentines

Title: too naughty to be romantic

Title: A piece of my heart

Dolce Vita di IDesigns

un nuovo kit di Idesign come sempre tutto in dolcezza si chiama "Dolce Vita" e lo trovate su digiscrapmania

a new kit by Idesign, as sweet as it can be, it's called "Dolce Vita" and is available @ digiscrapmania

la mia pagina con una foto di Ariana Falerni

venerdì 18 febbraio 2011

key to my heart by Pink Lotty

ragazze quanto mi piacciono i kit di Pink Lotty! ecco il suo ultimo meraviglioso kit Key to my heart su Shabbypickles

I am simply in love with Pink Lotty's Design! here is her last kit, the gorgeous Key to my heart su Shabbypickles

my page with my sweet Demetra

Spring Garden by Marypop

un nuovo meraviglioso kit per MaryPop che già profuma di primavera SPRING GARDEN disponibile su 9th and bloom

a new marvelous kit for MaryPop SPRING GARDEN @ 9th and bloom

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giovedì 17 febbraio 2011

sweet sweet tyulip by Marta Designs

new gorgeous kit by Marta Design's "sweet sweet tulip" @ AfterFiveDesigns!

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mercoledì 16 febbraio 2011

rain and sea by MDesigns

new wonderful funny kit "rain and sea" by MDesigns @ 7th heaven

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lunedì 14 febbraio 2011

Envoles moi by IDesign - promozione san Valentino!

un nuovo kit di Idesign come sempre tutto in dolcezza si chiama "Envoles moi" e lo trovate su digiscrapmania

a new kit by Idesign, as sweet as it can be, it's called "Envoles moi" and is available @ digiscrapmania

questo kit fa parte della promozione grazie alla quale per 14 euro spesi si ricevono 14 kit!!!!

leggete QUI le condizioni dell'offerta

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venerdì 11 febbraio 2011

sweet afternoon by Seni Designs

another wonderful kit "SWEET AFTERNOON" by Seni Designs @ 7th heaven you can buy it for JUST 1 DOLLAR!

my page with a photo bt Laredo Montoneri

giovedì 10 febbraio 2011

far, far away by Eledhwen

new wonderful funny kit "FAR, FAR AWAY" by Eledhwen Designs @ 7th heaven

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romantic breakfast

new gorgeous kit by Marta Design's "romantic breakfast" @ AfterFiveDesigns!

la mia pagina con una foto di Patrycja Baczkowska

mercoledì 9 febbraio 2011

sales for Marta!

apprifittate di questa promozione su tutti i prodotti di Marta Designs! sono MERAVIGLIOSI!!!! Li trovate su A5D

bathroom fun by Sunny Scraps Designs

new wonderful funny kit "BATHROOM FUN" by Sunny Scraos Designs @ 7th heaven

demetra nel bagnetto

Delicious Valentine by WendyP Designs

kit Delicious Valentine + add on by WendyP Designs @ 7th heaven

la mia pagina con una foto di Leks Gromova

se vi piace potete trovarla come quick page nel album di Wendy