venerdì 28 gennaio 2011


la mia storia d'amore con Lorie Davison continua... ecco che stavolte mi sono cimentata con il suo GREYMOUSE MANOR WINTER BALL, che trovate su scrapbookgraphics, un'atmosfera fatata e mravigliosa in cui mi sono divertita a far giocare le mie bimbe

my love story with Lorie Davison's kits continues... I bought the gorgeous GREYMOUSE MANOR WINTER BALL (you can find it @ scrapbookgraphics) and has a magic atmosphere... I simply loved to play with my girls in such an enchanting setting!

my pages

Title: cinderella invited me for tea

Title: is there a party going on?

Title: a solitary soul could make an Eden of that dim lake

Title: The mending socks gnome

Title: Elettra's smiling eyes

Title: if you believe they sent a mouse on the moon

2 commenti:

  1. Wow, this is just incredibly beautiful!! Not only you make such magical pages, but you have the most adorable little girls and gorgeous photos of them! Can I adopt them (for a photo session with David ;-)))?

  2. Oh Laura che bellissime pagine!!!